Monday, January 16, 2012

metropolis II...

 went to LA county museum to see this. free holiday monday :)

ロサンジェルス郡の美術館にコレを観に行って来ました、メトロポリスII。 祭日の月曜は入場無料でワクワク度アップ。キング牧師、ありがとう!

it was truly an epitome of a metropolis...but somehow it wasn't so depressing and we didn't get frustrated at all unlike the true world. funny.


it was even soothing. the traffic flow was like a water flow. i could watch it forever.


 shinya and zap 
we were all so excited like a kid and watched it for a long time.


oh no...this looks so busy in the video. it really wasn't in person. it was more quiet and calm.



JBMFT said...

I saw the short doc about the making of this and can only imagine seeing it in person...

menacing ayu said...

JBMFT: i've got to see that documentary!

Hairy Larry said...

That's pretty amazing. Reminds me of an old Disney exhibit that's probably long gone. "World of Tomorrow" or something like that. There were giant machines with lazers cutting down hugh trees and digesting them, and out the back of the machine issued 16 lane freeways complete with cars...I'll have to google it and make sure I'm not hallucinating..hahaha..