Sunday, February 26, 2012

after the big 3...

 came back from the big 3...


shinya already started to take the paint off from the yale hoist that he got at the swap meet.


 while niimie was taking a nap, S-san was checking his first harley-davidson he picked up at the swap meet. S-san is an expert in japanese motorcycles especially yamaha SRs and has been in the business for 30 years in japan. he's the one who sent the tank for my SR. anyway, last 30 years he worked so hard and had no time to own his own motorcycle. he never told anyone that he wanted a harley one day :) S-san told niimie just before they leave japan and we found one for him and picked it up at the big 3.
 niimie woke up and gave some advice to S-san :)


 shinya found some original harley parts and accessories here and there in the workshop and gave to S-san.



Busch Brothers said...

congratulations on Harley!

menacing ayu said...

Bush Brothers: :)