Sunday, February 26, 2012

big 3 without rain...

so we were at the big 3 swap meet in san diego over the weekend with niimie and other friends.


 TP brought the 1929 ford roadster

 i scored this!


after the swap meet, we finally got a chance to stop by at TP's place. 


 TP's beautiful wooden boat from 1923.


 an out of focus photo... i was too excited to see all those things in person that i've seen on his blog!

 the famous little stool

 1929 ford roadster "chocolate and cheese"
so happy to see it in person. thank you TP for showing us around your shop :)

1929 フォード ロードスター


Bushwacker said...

Hello there! Just quite curious...hmmm, what made that little stool sooo famous? Haha! :D TP's place is so cool-looking.

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Travis Perich said...

Thanks for visiting the shop!
I was a poor host,
no beer, no music,
and I let you guys eat at "hometown buffet".

Next time I show you the better parts of San Diego!


menacing ayu said...

Bushwacker: it's famous in me :D

Travis: thank you for your hospitality after a long day at the swap time we'll bring sake. the buffet was very salty...