Saturday, March 24, 2012

canyon surf, pleasure ride...

perfect weather for a canyon ride! shinya and i enjoy riding by ourselves but riding with kindred spirits is a pleasure. we're alone while riding but we can share the same path and talk about it later.

 oh my, Naki got hit by mv agusta! nah. he was just taking photos. Naki of Naki surf is a pro surfer, writer, photographer, free man and son of the ocean.

あ!Naki氏がアグスタに轢かれた!今回初めてお会いしたとは思えないプロ・サーファーNaki氏は、フォトグラファーでもあり、ライターでもあり、Naki surfの代表で、自由人・・・早い話サン・オブ・オーシャンなのでR。

 at 6,000 feet up, the kick start contest had begun.


 at the view point

 another kick start contest had began...


 O still kicking...he wasn't able to start the SR just yet. he likes kawasaki, that's why!

 K tries to ride on SR. she said it had been a while since the last time she rode a motorcycle. guys are always nice and helpful to a pretty girl :)


 bit shaky at the beginning...

 came back with a pretty smile :)


 even Naki had a great time on SR! he hadn't ridden a motorcycle for 28 years though he rides the wave every day :)


 pro surfer Naki and shinya
Shinya and Naki passed each other in a couple of occasions before but never had a chance to meet until today through the introduction of a someone very special. such a great encounter. they all brought us a super positive vibes. Naki is also a very unique photographer. check out his blog, he's got some cool photos of mv agusta, our workshop and other great photos. :)



Bushwacker said...

Another fun-filled day! Whoa, Shinya and his friends never run out of having good times. :D

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Busch Brothers said...

what fun!

menacing ayu said...

Bushwacker: yay!

Busch Brothers: yes!