Wednesday, March 21, 2012

vanvans 101 comparison/contrast...

 with good motor VS. without good motor

良いエンジンのバン vs. 良くないエンジンのバン

 without history + no sentimental value VS. with history + sentimental value

歴史も思い出もないバン vs. 歴史も思いでも山と積もったバン

 super stylish jail van VS. bowler hatted ambulance van

スタイリッシュな護送車 vs. お気づきでしょうけど、何か背負っちゃってますバン


 dark VS. bright

真っ暗 vs. 明るい

 bowler hatted = very spacy
we can even work on the motorcycle in the it has a wheelchair gate on the side which maybe make us easier to load the race bike on the return road...



Travis Perich said...

The new van just needs a disco mirror ball up there!
Okay and maybe a fog machine,
and some hammocks.

Sad to hear about the old van though!


matt machine said...

good things always come at the bad van needs more stickers.

Pirate Tom said...

I hate to say it, but it might be time to move on to the new van. A little paint, some stickers, and it can be made to look a lot better. But mostly, all that room!

t said...

some el mirage dirt and bonneville sand.. few stickers.. hardly tell the difference

けん2 said...


Busch Brothers said...

ah yes, we too are on a budget- but I think the new van will be more useful with more room inside, good luck!

Hairy Larry said...

What a fantastic van....and being the same year as the old one means you have all kinds of spare parts.

menacing ayu said...

TP: hahaha

matt machine: that's right! :)

Pirate Tom: yeah, the room!

t: true.

けん2: そうしたいところだけど、消耗モノが全部ギリギリなのよーミッションもどんぐり。

Busch Brothers: thanks. can't beat that room!

Hairy Larry: yeah, it's not even a new, it's a same year van :)