Friday, March 9, 2012

welcome back, the five five five spirit...

these are the guys who do the 555 ( 1. 1975 or older motorcycle, 2. can only spend $500 total on purchase and restoration of bike, 3. 500cc or less engine size and rode knoxville - portland, portland - knoxville) but this time, it was a bit different. they spend about a year all together and rode through south america with honda XL350 and XL250 to brazil and back. they just sold the bikes for 200 each in utah on the way back to california. they stopped by at our workshop before they go back home to tennessee.


 freshly worn out MF's boots


 great great story. we love them! crazy in a good way :) moreover they already have a next plan! i recalled the phrase "Throw Away Your Books, Let's Go Into The Streets!" by shuji terayama. maybe "throw away your PC, grab a map, and let's go for riding" makes more sense :)



Bushwacker said...

Wow! That's a fascinating life. And they really sold that motor for a much more lower price. I like your revised phrase...leave our PC's, grab a map, and let's start LIFE!

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menacing ayu said...

Bushwacker: after crossing south america for a year, i guess their bikes were not in a perfect condition...