Wednesday, May 2, 2012

got everything?

 i think it's the golden week holidays in japan right now. M and M were traveling socal using their holidays and stopped by at our workshop. M is a car guy has a auto shop in japan called MOTO. many people bring in their motorcycles to his shop and each time M has to explain to them that he only works on autos. MOTO is just his name :D anyway, he doesn't even have a motorcycle license but because he does all the work all by himself, he kinda feels sympathy for shinya's work style and stopped by to say hello.


after they left, we went for a little ride. when we came back, a piece of paper was sticking to our door saying "mr. kimura, thank you for your hospitality earlier. i left my bag in the shop. i'll come back. so sorry. -M"


 he left quite a huge bag with their return tickets in... :D


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