Monday, May 28, 2012

ok, you've had enough of the van story?

i know, i know. but shinya was glued to the van over the long weekend...


yup, we went back to the wrecking yard to find some more small stuff.

the dash meters and gauges were bared so we found a screen for it.
we found a older type "CHEVROLET" emblem for the rear...


and a pair of older "Beauville" side emblems. Shinya had a hard time replacing them :D


and shinya put an extra door pull strap on the wooden box.




Richard Bacchus said...

I could never get enough of the van story. My 93' GMC Vandura just blew a head gasket and I'm in mourning. The "Van Story" is doing a great job of digging me out of the dumps and inspiring me to get my hands dirty rebuilding those cylinder heads. Keep up the great work you nutty gearheads

Hairy Larry said...

The van stories are great. I miss all the vans I've owned. I had a '71 Chev van I should have never sold. You can carry so much in those full size vans. I really miss my last Econoline van.An all window '64....sigh... My current Astrovan has served me well, but sits dead with too many things to a wrecking yard so someone can re-cycle the good parts. Might have to start looking for another van...before you guys buy them all up!