Saturday, May 12, 2012

pleasure ride part 2...

our friends stopped by after their surf session. next, we all went to the canyon for the ride session. shinya took the CL450 to the canyon for the first time.


Naki's senior and friend of 30 years, mr. HD on the SR500.

Fナキ氏の30年来の先輩、噂のHG HD先輩が遂にSR500でアズサ山を攻める!

the grand mountains in the background, they're still talking about the motorcycle...



now Naki's turn. felt nostalgic to see the guys taking turns to play with one toy :)


vroom vroom!


back to the workshop. shinya and mr.HD, the guys of the same age, talking about their motorcycle fantasies...


Naki said "let's surf in the workshop!" and brought in some of their surfboards. he's a fun-loving person :)

一方、チャボで波に乗るんだ、と無茶ぶりを発揮してクルマからサーフボードを降ろし出すFナキ氏。発想が常に自由。この板はAイリちゃんのaviso canvas、カーボン・ファイバー製。4V(シブイ)

waiting for the IT wave to come...



Bushwacker said...

After splashing around waters, then headed to scramble the rockies. You and your friends love nature adventure obvioulsy. :)

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menacing ayu said...

Bushwacker: yes! ;p