Sunday, May 13, 2012

share the road...

today, our friend W (he's a car guy) took my SR500. looks like he forgot his wallet...goof.

本日SR500を駆るのはカーガイでスットコドッコイのforty-eight Wタナベ氏。この感じはどうせお財布忘れちゃった、とかでしょう。クルマと違ってバイクのガスキャップは車体にくっ付いているから置忘れがなくてWタナベ氏にやさしい。

shinya had a great time on the CL450 yesterday so he was so excited to ride it again today. he said he wanted to take other steps to enjoy a bit more.


this is W's friend Hiroyuki Takaya. he's a mixed martial artist and the DREAM featherweight champion. right now he's training in SF and came to see us for the weekend. he rides his harley-davidson in japan when time allows.


W said he never had a chance to own a motorcycle, only a scooter and american cars.

サマになるはずもないのがスットコWタナベ氏。女子高生のようなピースサインがなんだか041(オシイ)感じ満載。 オートバイも全然写っていないしね。

 Takaya having a great time!


 W's scooter legs


"omg! this is soooo fun!" W said :)


 one of our favorite trees!


shinya had a super great time on the CL450.


W knows the engine mechanism very well so he had no problem kick starting the SR500. we were pretty impressed.


 what a lame shot :D sorry, W!


 had a great great ride again :)




Voice of the Wind said...

Ayu, I don't think I've ever complimented your shots but it's what makes Sempai (and his friends) look cool!

Thank you for being so talented behind that camera!

menacing ayu said...

Voice of the Wind: wow! thank you :)

Busch Brothers said...

WOW! that looks like such a great ride, we would love to ride with you when we come down to Azusa next time!

menacing ayu said...

Busch Brothers: we look forward to!