Friday, June 1, 2012

the cannonball prep, day 1...

yes, niimie is back! he came here from japan to get ready for the cannonball. this was right after he got to our workshop after 12-hour flight, already working on something. :) he said he was going to focus ONLY on the indian this time, not on swap meets nor thrift store / antique mall hopping. :D really, niimie?


well, since today was their first day, they did the intense fitness training first. actually, they were just walking around the workshop :D i guess it's time to play this song again :D


very special to see 2 guys working at our workshop. it's really neat that multi things can be done at the same time. as many of you already know about niimie but once again, shinya and niimie worked together about 10 years when shinya was in japan so they don't need to explain by words most of the time. they each know what they're doing and what they need to do.


exciting!! boy, i'm totally amazed by their excessive power of concentration. the first day ended after 2am but they enjoy this more than anything because this is what they love to do.

とっても楽しみ! にしても初日から飛ばしすぎじゃないですか?夜中まで夢中で作業する二人・・・明日へ続く。

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