Saturday, June 2, 2012

not the van again, you may think...

but to us, it's part of the preparation for the cannonball. if we can't make it to new york, we can't even start the race!


yup yup, we went back to the wrecking yard again to get some small parts like better seat belts and all.


we want to make more room inside so shinya tries to put the spare tyre outside.




niimie putting a better seat belt on the passenger side.


and he found that the bolts underneath for the front seats were  loosened.


 shinya personalizing the van.

 getting better and better :)




movementpractice said...

great foto with niimie putting a better seat belt on the passenger side.

I can feel the cannonball getting closer just by watching those fotos!

also, made me dare to change the rear tyre on my Tenere, for the first time on my own.

I am sure I did not look as harmonious as Shinya and Niimie doing their art together :-)

menacing ayu said...

movementpractice: changing tyre is a pain in the ass but doing it yourself makes you feel closer to your motorcycle or car...that's what i learned from shinya and niimie :)

Busch Brothers said...

the SUPERVAN will make the Cannonball run for sure!