Sunday, June 3, 2012

the cannonball prep, day 3...

we found "SuperVan" emblem at the swap meet! actually, SuperVan is one of the ford vans but our van is going to be literally the super van so shinya put it on the front grille of the chevy van :D

スワップミートで「super van 」というエンブレムを見つけた!本来はフォードのバンの種類だけど、このシェヴィヴァンだってこれからスーパーバンになる予定(数百㌦で買ったのに全米横断往復達成など)なので、フロントグリルに装着。スーパーだぜぃ。


since we woke up so early for the swap meet, we took a nap and freshened up to get ready for our second half of the day. just one more thing before they move on to the indian. shinya and niimie wanted to replace the power steering pump on the van.


it wasn't so simple as they expected. shinya called up W, the american car specialist, and found out that it required a special tool that shinya didn't have. so they decided to do without it.


it took 4 hours for them to finally finish it and they got exhausted so we called it a day. i thought it was amazing that they finished it without that special tool. they are good at overcoming adversity :)


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Danny Busch said...

The SuperVan logo looks awesome! That is great that you guys were able to change the pump without a special tool! Lance and I usually do that also, even though it always takes much longer to accomplish, hahaha! It's the end result that matters.
PS we are very happy to see that our shirt fits :)