Saturday, June 16, 2012

LA roadster show...

went to our favorite once a year swap meet at LA roadster show.


a hollow wooden surfboard...kook box from 1930s? not really. we asked our surfer friend Naki who's acquainted with those vintage surfboards right away in case he wanted it. hmmm, guess not.


shinya already got something on his cart!

of course it was a toolbox with team bultaco sticker. the seller's grandfather had it and after he passed away his father got it and when his father passed away, his mother put it outside the garage and it got all shinya got it so it will be alright.


 "this car made from recycled beer cans" really?


we've seen a guy looks exactly like this at el mirage.


these are just a part of all roadsters gathering...


there were not only roadsters but also many interesting cars.


we went back to the workshop and came back to the swap meet again in the afternoon. shinya took different cart this time.



Busch Brothers said...

WOW! That is so great that Shinya saved the Team Bultaco toolbox! Very cool, Thumbs Up! :-)

Hairy Larry said...

When I was a "Cheesi Kidomo" (pardon my spelling...), my father's first new car, after a war surplus jeep and an old model A...was a Henry J. Of course ours had the stock flathead four in it. Wish I had any of those old cars now...

menacing ayu said...

Busch Brothers: yay :D

Hairy Larry: "arigato" for your comment :)