Sunday, June 10, 2012

last minute "on any sunday"...

we woke up early today and spent a whole day on the dry lake. after we came back from el mirage, we almost all passed out. but our day wasn't over without this. thanks to daylight saving time, we went for a canyon ride once again after a two-hour nap.


SR500, XS650, and CL450. the golden trio of the 70s japanese. and it was the last canyon ride for niimie because he's leaving tomorrow.


each of us thinks "mine is the best!"

looking over our motorcycles while sipping the coffee and the tea. such a pleasure.


then we grabbed something to eat at the local pizza parlor. they don't serve italian pizzas, but they don't serve american pizzas, either. and they are pretty good. :P



Alex T77 said...

I'll have to join you guys one day! If thats okay

menacing ayu said...

Alex T77: of course, you are more than welcome anytime.