Sunday, June 10, 2012

couldn't go faster...

but this is our place to restore our energy. we love el mirage, mellow but full of passion for speed. J of bean bandits says all the time, "one day we are good and the other day we are bad and then we are good and bad again. this is what race is all about." true.



 drivers meeting


the DIY carrier worked ok, maybe need improvement in many ways but it worked!


it was calm in the morning but all of a sudden the gust of the wind started to blow. we had to wait in the starting line for quite a long time. but we enjoy it, too. and then the first round came! no good :<

shinya's making a remorseful face :D


they changed the jet and went for the second run. no good.


there was no wait in the starting line so they made a quick jet change and went for a third try just for fun.


done. great weather, great people, we had a great time as always. what else do we need? oh, the SPEED!!! maybe next time :) we take it slow.


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