Sunday, June 24, 2012

canyon calling...

made an expedition to different canyon today. we shared the SR, rode up the mountain and parked the motorbike at the place called chantry flat and hiked a trail to see the sturtevant falls. about 2-mile hike down and 2-mile hike up on the way back. beginners trail.


since we were gonna park the motorbike and hike, we got a national forest adventure pass.


we brought water and sports drink and thought we were well prepared but some of the passing hikers were lightly to heavily equipped which made us a bit nervous. then we saw some people just wearing flip-flaps or old woman in dress shoes we thought it will be ok....


1 and 1/4 to the waterfalls but it became a bit uphill from here.


the trail was mostly shady, green was deep, and the air was so crispy fresh so we didn't get exhausted at all.


we crossed the river several times...


and we finally heard the sound of the water falling. shinya hurried his steps.


we stayed at the waterfalls for a while, picked up trash that some people left there and headed back.




the last part with steep ups was killer! we heard our thighs crying out.


 we made it! yay!

on the way back to our workshop. couldn't believe that we were in the woods somewhere in those mountains. it was so refreshing!



Hairy Larry said...

Nice hike. An old teacher friend of mine, loved to take people on "waterfall hikes" in Northern California. Parts of your hike remind me of the trails in Squaw Valley in the Spring, with water falling all along the hike. He passed away a few years ago...he'd highly approve of your packing out other peoples trash. I'll have to add your hike to me "to-do" list.

menacing ayu said...

Hairy Larry: either hiking or riding, it's such a pleasure to spend time in the nature. northern california must have a whole new feel that we'd like to experience some day.

Hairy Larry said...

One thing I should add about Squaw Valley, if you poop-out from the hike up you can ride the aerial tram back down. Spring is the best time to go, when the snow melt is feeding the falls, it's really quite nice.