Thursday, July 12, 2012

high temp and humidity in azusa...

we received these hand-carved hand-crafted "chabott" leather patches by Busch and Busch. we didn't realize until just now that this will be our 5th year in a row on the salt flats, participating in land speed racing. so these will be our quinquennial special patches ;D yeah, we've still got a long way to go but thank you for your support, Busch Brothers!!

リノのBusch and Busch 兄弟から手彫りの革製チャボ・パッチが送られてきた!それで気がついた、チャボは今年でランド・スピード・レーシングを始めて5年目、ボンネビルのソルトに通うのも5回目。Busch兄弟には去年塩の上で出会い、今年も塩の上で会う約束をしている。これは5周年記念の貴重なパッチじゃない?なーんて、5年なんてまだまだひよっ子ですが・・・ありがとう、Busch兄弟!それにしても、1年に1マイル速くなるだけでも5マイル速くなっているはずなんだけどな、おかしいな・・・ま、のんびり続けていくことがいちばんの目標なので、オッケーポッキー。

the surprise package from Busch Brothers made shinya even more determined to go faster on sunday and on the salt flats :D  not to expect any dramatic acceleration but bit by bit, we'll move forward!

さて、Busch兄弟からのサプライズ・パッチで俄然やる気になる木村氏。日曜日はちょっぴり期待でき・・・いやいや期待なんてしちゃダメ。そういうギラギラした焦りはいけません、のーんびり前進。でも楽しみ ❤


today was pretty hot and humid but we kinda enjoyed it. every year we have brush fire because of the dryness so we long for moisture to save our canyon. under an overcast sky, it felt like it was going to rain. but...we really wanted to go for a ride...


yup, we decided to go for a canyon ride anyway. just go as far as we could and if it should rain, we come back. we felt sprinkle of rain at 1/3 of the way so we came back...still enjoyed the ride :)



it used be a nice white t-shirts...


shinya was buffing the completed gas tank for the sportster :D it's almost there!


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