Wednesday, July 11, 2012

dripp night...

came back from the desert, took a nap, took a walk, and rode to the dripp in chino hills for the scooter, cafe racer, heck, any motorcycle night that our friend AM was organizing.


we got there too late, only four motorcycles were left in the parking spots and two of them were our friends'...


thank you, AM!


love T's beemer!


we were the last one! was a great ride and bread pudding there was delish :O we'll come earlier next time.



Hairy Larry said...

The CL-450 really stands out with that candy paint. Just read somewhere on the web recently (maybe facebook...)that originally Honda planned to come out with the 450 as a 350 cc machine. Supposedly Bob Hansen told Honda what America wanted was bigger machines, so they made it a 450. Bob Hansen is 92 and still going strong according to the Team Hansen site I just visited.

Alex T77 said...

Thanks for coming out guys!! You guys are so great for supporting local gigs

menacing ayu said...

Hairy Larry: wow, never heard that story! thank you for sharing.

AlexT77: thank YOU for organizing cool local gigs!