Saturday, August 4, 2012


picked up this honda CL175 last night.

昨日の夕方取りに行ってきたhonda CL175。宗ちゃん号の従兄弟とでも言いますか、CLのイナゴちゃん号。まあ、親戚の子を預かってる感じです。


went for a ride of course but the speedometer cable came off on the way to the canyon, route B.


shinya looked for a piece of wire on the street as usual, but no luck. i had a wristband from some event in my camera bag so gave it to shinya.

stopped at a new view point on the ridge road.


found a half dirt half paved trail!! it starts from here where we were standing all the way to the other side and continues forever. i'll bring XL100 next time instead of SR500 and should try that trail all the way :D


 it zigzags and seems like going down to the bottom of the canyon.


found a piece of wire here.



Mac Guy said...

WOW!!! I love it! That is an awesome little enduro.
Classic vintage Honda flavor.



movementpractice said...

Ha! I can see you guys discouvering the means of trailriding, Aju and Shinja 70ies- 80ies way ;-)

Hairy Larry said...

Where do you find these great lo-millage bikes? Are those the original tires? Looks great. I've got one of those I want to get going again as a trail bike.

menacing ayu said...

Mac Guy: thank you!

movementpractice: hahaha :D

Hairy Larry: craigslist ;P those are not original tyres, i think someone had changed them.