Monday, August 27, 2012

make haste slowly...

OMG! it looked like this when i left just for a minutes and came back. wasn't it in the best condition ever?


they just wanted to go over and check everything together so that each of them knew the exact condition of the engine.


former paris-dakar rally participant A-san brought us some energy bars. he also gave us deer whistle and suggested us to bring some amino acids energy drink with us. so, we got some.



GuitarSlinger said...

The energy bars and drink supplements ? Absolutely . The Deer Whistle ? Not so sure they do much as several folks I've known using them ( on cars & M/C's ) hit a deer anyway . Hmmmn . Maybe American Deer don't speak ' Deer Whistle ' ! :o)

Oh well ! I guess it couldn't hurt to try one .

Anonymous said...

Hi Niimie! Welcome back. Good luck to all three of you for the Cannonball journey. I'll see you near the finish in San Francisco. I was volunteered to escort the bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge on one of my old machines. See you then.

Charlie101 said...

Having 2 competent guys checking up the bike is more than 100% better than just one, as they trigger each other to be thorough. It shows the professionalism of Shinya and his teamfellow Niimie. Aircraft quality. The third teammember Auy is doing equally fine work with the blog! My hat off for you guys and gal and good luck in the cannonball.