Sunday, August 12, 2012

our second day brought us deep inner pleasure...

shinya changing jet and getting ready for the third run.


Kiyo helped us again.


after the 114mph, we felt like we could get any numbers. keep it going, shinya!


at the end of the course with shinya's SDRC club buddy. only the drivers could get this kind of smile. anyway, shinya got 112mph at 2-mile and 111mph at 3-mile.


got back to our pit. now Kiyo is heading back to LA. another 14 hours of ride. last year he rode all the way here but he could stay only for several hours and headed back. this year, he stayed longer and we enjoyed spending some time with him. next year, he will brig his race machine and he'll be a racer!



Pirate Tom said...

I'm still learning here, is Shinya changing jets so often because he's trying to fine tune the fuel usage, or is he just burning them up that fast in race conditions?

menacing ayu said...

Pirate Tom: he was trying to find the best mixture ratio.