Sunday, August 12, 2012

prevent trouble from happning...

shinya is going to change the sprocket first thing in the morning tomorrow to get the spike faster. so we better go back to our campsite and get some rest.


 oh, gee...


i knew it. before we got to vegas, the water temp of the van went higher than usual and never came down. it was up hill in the triple digit tem outside and still didn't overheat so the van did a great job. but the water temp points at 190-210 all the time now even in the cooler hours. yesterday we added some water and it came down. so i thought we don't need to worry about it anymore. but shinya didn't think so.


shinya found the heater hose bursting and fixed it. he had been racing all day and how could he make a clear-headed decision? mystery! but thankful!



HULK said...



menacing ayu said...

HULK: いやぁ、まだまだ182キロの向こう側ですから、そんなに向こうでもないですよ。本人談

Busch Brothers said...

yes, heat is bad! It was very hot coming from Reno, boiled our gear lube and ruined our rear end gears. Luckily Shinya found the problem before it caused another :-)

menacing ayu said...

Busch Brothers: sorry to hear about your van :< i didn't know why and how shinya found the problem all of a sudden. it was a miracle :p