Sunday, August 12, 2012

wet plate photography on salt flats...

after shinya hit 114mph, we came back to our pit with joy and then Paul d'Orleans of the vintagent stopped by with his chamonix view camera. great timing!

114マイルが出て内心かなり嬉しかった我々。ウキウキモードでピットに戻るとPaul d'Orleansが湿板写真機(現行のもの)を持って動く写真館と化したバンでやって来た。

 his moving studio.


the moving studio is also his mobile darkroom. he led us in to the darkroom. inside the closed van on the sunny salt flats were melting hot, of course. he had been shooting people and motorcycles and developing on the salt flats whole day long. the finished photos were all amazing and very different from each other. we love him because he always trying to do something unique and it comes simply from his passion.

動 く写真スタジオは簡易暗室に早変わり。塩の上でバン閉め切っちゃって、作業を見せてもらったけど中は暑いなんてもんじゃなかった。情熱と夢中になれる無邪 気さがなければ出来ないことです。とってもユニークでいつも面白いことを考えているオートバイ狂なんです、Paulって。

Paul found Kiyo's knuckle. "how flattering!" Kiyo said :)



GuitarSlinger said...

I've seen the results on Paul's site from his wet plate adventures and let me tell you they are outstanding . With almost a Ghost like quality to them ( partly according to Paul due to the conditions and the way it affected the plates ) Fact is I'm trying to convince Paul to sell me a print or two ..... of the photos he shot of you two and the bike . Salt Ghosts I call them ..... The past coming back to the future . Bit odd perhaps but chalk that up to poetic license .

menacing ayu said...

GuitarSlinger: salt ghost! Paul's wet plates are amazing. they really look like there were taking in 1800s

The Vintagent said...

My favorite shots from Bonneville were of Shinya, Ayu, and the Spike. Thanks for being such great subjects!