Sunday, August 12, 2012

it's finally the time to break the wall of 110mph...

we were so excited and got up early. maybe too early. what the hell, couldn't wait anymore so just headed to the starting line.


day 2, first run, 104mph. ok, so we got 101, 103 and 104 so far. whatever the numbers are, getting faster make us feel great :)


instead of getting back to the pit, shinya wanted to change the jet and try again. the rev counter he fixed yesterday worked great and everything was sound and stable, he said.


right before the second day second run.


wow! 114.223mph!!! it's not a record or anything but we were sooooooooooooooooo happy. it's shinya's personal best and we finally broke the wall of 110mph! 15mph more to go for the class record!



movementpractice said...


:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) ;-) ;-):-):-)

go spike!

GuitarSlinger said...

In Bonneville parlance a personel best IS as good as a record . So congratulations and here's to another few MPH next year .

Icarus said...


Pirate Tom said...

Congratulations! You guys worked hard to get there! Of course, there's always the next milestone to reach! That's where the fun is.

menacing ayu said...

thank you all!!!!

vincent said...

Hi Shinya and Ayu
Congratulations for that speed !!! 114 with a Knuckle and this riding position..., I realize how hard it is now, approaching a record is a hard job and needs a big experience. But that's a Graal, and i would like to come with the same bike each year to go faster and faster.

Thanks a lot for your Kindness !

menacing ayu said...

hi Vincent! thank you! just being out there is already amazing but participating in the race? that's another story. it's challenging and addictive. see you guys again on the salt flats! xoxo

Busch Brothers said...

wish we had made it to see in person! so cool

menacing ayu said...

Busch Brothers: maybe faster next year ;p