Friday, September 14, 2012

everybody has their own story...

things that are need to be welded.


 the organizer of the cannonball LI is from sturgis so his and his father's shop were open to us cannonballers to use all the machines and tools. we were so lucky that we could use a welder at senior's shop.


when we got to L's father's machine shop, it was a complete chaos!


shinya welding for others.


the kicker



movementpractice said...

my 25 year old Tenere still works with 90000+k
for daily commuting and offroad and our weekendtrips to see friends far away.
seeing this makes me consider somewhere in the back of my head the possibility of me rebuilding the engine if need should be...very interesting.

Charlie101 said...

AHHHH Again trouble at stage 9! I feel for the whole team Chabott! My hat off for Shinya, Niimie and Auy, keep toiling at it as far as it will go! I'm routing for you!

movementpractice said...

with this attitude, it seems like they will make it somehow no doubt about that!