Saturday, September 22, 2012

laugh or cry this would be the last day to work on the indian at the parking lot...

right after we got here at the hotel for tonight, shinya and niimie started to work on the indian. on the way to get here they diagnosed from symptoms that niimie experienced this morning. the magneto!

remember right before we leave our workshop, shinya and niimie took out the mag from the excelsior just in case? they need to modify it a bit but it's always good to have a spare.


they did as best they could to make the indian running again and managed to ride to the today's finish line to get the course direction for tomorrow.


◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►◄ ►

it's not done yet. to cross the golden gate bridge and make it to the grand finish tomorrow, they still need to work on so many things. they said they didn't mind working on it, it was what they've doing for last 16 days, but they kinda knew that it would be tough for the indian and tough for them to whip her. oh well, we've gotta do what we can do...


i can prove that they did their best. i was there watching the whole time. tomorrow's the last day.



Charlie101 said...

I am so impressed words is not enough...! I would be honored to shake hands of anyone or all in that team.

menacing ayu said...

Charlie 101: you should shake hands with THE indian!! :)