Wednesday, September 19, 2012

missed stage 12 but it couldn't be better...

the damaged crank case
photo by Mike Watanabe of union motorcycle classics

 the damaged flywheel bushing iowa temp special
photo by Mike Watanabe of union motorcycle classics

instead of going back to our motel room, Mike of union motorcycle classics offered us to stay at his house. wow. he had already arranged for us to meet a gunsmith in town at 7:30am to see if he could do line boring and make a bushing for us. wow. we felt like we were dreaming.



at 7:20am, Luke took us to the gunsmith Pat's place with the material that Mike brought us last night. Pat knows about motorcycle very well and understood what we needed immediately and said he could do it in a couple of hours. wow!!


back to UNION, shinya and niimie tried to do whatever they could while waiting for the line boring and bushing are done.


Todd of small city cycles stopped by! that's right, he was from idaho. what a small world!

去年の横浜にも来ていたsmall city cyclesのTがunionに遊びに来た。そういえばアイダホの人だと言っていた。聞いた時はアイダホにあまり馴染みがなかったのでピンとこなかったけど、まさか自分たちがアイダホに居て再会できるとは!オートバイが好きというだけでこれだけ人との縁が複雑に絡み合っていくとは実に驚き。

Luke of UNION motorcycle classics helped us a lot.


can you tell what it is? it's a ball bearing slashed into two! shinya and niimie found it in the hub.


in the meantime, the gunsmith pat called so we went back to his place to pick the crankcase and bushing up.


perfect sizing with the right material.


now all they needed was to put everything back together.


thank you, Mike and Luke!



and it's ready to roll!


okay, the indian ia back! it sounded just great. we had to load it in the van and head to the today's goal in oregon as soon as we could so that we wouldn't miss stage 13. thank you, Mike and Luke and all the great people around you. we'll do our best!


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