Wednesday, September 19, 2012

we heart idaho...

at this stage, this was pretty bad. though we discussed and tried to figure out the way to fix this as quick as possible, we were desperate. there was a biggest town in idaho called boise about 40 miles west but it was almost 6pm, we had to carry finding welder/machine shop to tomorrow. however, this is the team #80, don't we have THE special power? no, we don't, but as one door closes, another one opens for #80. always.


at the motel parking lot, we met these guys and we could tell instantly that they knew about motorcycle and shinya and niimie explained to them casualy what happened to our indian and what they needed to do. they understood and then they offered to let us use their shop about an hour away from here. wow! they said they had welder and lathe. wow! 


it turned out that they were Mike and Luke of union motorcycle classics in nampa, idaho! ok, we got a welder and a lathe now but shinya and niimie needed some material to make a new bushing. it was already past 6pm so we weren't holding our breath. but Michael was already calling someone he knew and found it.

さて、この2人はunion motorcycle classicsのMとLで、アイダホ州ナンパで活躍しているということが判明。しかし、せっかっく溶接機や旋盤があってもブッシュを作るための材料がなければ作れない。時間は午後6時を回っているし鋼材屋が開いているとは思えないし。しかし、知り合いに材料を持っていそうな人がいる、と連絡を取ってくれるM。そして、あった!地元パワー炸裂!

an hour later, we all at union in Maynampa.


Mike and Luke also found someone who's specialized in welding airplane parts could weld the crankcase now. now? it was already 10pm. we could only half believe it but shinya and niimie rushed to take the engine out.



about an hour later, they took out the engine and cleaned the crank case with pressure washer :)


then Mike and Luke took us to the welding specialist Mark's place. Mark said this would be the oldest thing he has ever welded and kindly accepted our request.



Alfred said...

Wow! You guys meet a lot of nice and passionate people!

sirokuma said...


Alex T77 said...

Good ol shinya charm. Thanks for keeping us posted with all your pix Ayu.

Rhynchocephalian said...

More and more I can see where the Cannonball is taking us and vintage motorcycling. It keeps the blood flowing in the passing skills not commonly seen.