Saturday, September 8, 2012

stage 2...

today was niimie's turn. we lose points by switching riders but that's not a big deal. to us, more priority is to keep our indian healthy as much as possible and keep on going.


we knew that there would be a rain storm on our way so niimie pur the rain gear on.


today will be a long day. 340 miles including 62 miles on interstate, 15 more miles of it are a counstruction zone. if we are concerned about riding on a congested urban(cleveland)freeway, we have a choice to not to run on the freeway. if we choose not to run on the freeway, we can just run til we get to the freeway and meet with support crew and pick the motorcycle up. we can still receive points for the miles that we actually run up to a max of 224. if we choose to run on the freeway and are unable to complete the run, we will receive DNF(did not finish) for the stage. and you know what shinya and niimie chose to do. they don't just give up without trying :)


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Busch Brothers said...

You always have to go for it :-)