Sunday, September 16, 2012

yellowstone, in the nature...

that's scary...


yellowstone national park


even if the indian is not running, it felt great to just eat our lunch in the nature.


and then work on the indian. in yellowstone. a situation like this doesn't come along too often :)


 chatting wiht the champ #1 Brad Wilmarth and his nephew bring us luck. well, hopefully!

前回のチャンプ、栄光のゼッケン#1を手にしたBrad Wilmarthと彼のサポート・クルーの甥っ子と束の間のおしゃべり。何か運気が上がってきた気がする。あ、気のせいか。

it's been getting dark and cold and we heard roar and cry of wild animals. was kinda scary.


it's time to change the rear tyre. it has already crossed country once.


tomorrow is more like a bonus stage, lots of view points along the route and shorter in distance allows enough time to enjoy the great scenary. good rewards for niimie! and we're sure that he'll make it thorough. yes, we're ready!


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