Sunday, September 16, 2012

stage 9...

go shinya go!


and we got a call from him about half an hour later...the flywheel bushing that we got in iowa came loose and the indian lost power.
after the 230miles ride yesterday, the bushing got really weak. 

でも30分もしない内に木村氏から連絡が・・・  アイオワ州で作ってもらったフライウィールのブッシュがガタガタして、スピードがまったくでなくなってしまったらしい。
since shinya was off the course but on the support van route somehow, there was no way that official sweeper would find and pick him up so we rescued him. usually, the support crew can not be on the same route or help your racing bike.


we better head to yellowstone national park and fix the indian! again!


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Alfred said...

Boy oh boy, what a journey!