Wednesday, October 31, 2012

our lives are completely reflected in the small universe created by the environs that are surrounded by mountains and water...

it's still warm and sunny like early summer at the foot of the mountain where we are but now we can feel that fall/winter has arrived here at the canyon. we ran into a band of deers and one of them came hurtling towards us on the road. suddenly she changed her mind and jumped to the other side. that was a close call. phew


21 helmets. still in progress.

21 helmetsのヘルメット、だいぶ進みました。


Tse, G. said...

Painting helmets look challenging, do you think it is easy to learn without tools like an airbrush?

shinya kimura said...

i've never used airbrush so i don't know. i do whatever i want on my helmets so i feel relaxed. there's no rules. it's more than learning it's more like an irresistible urge to do so, to me.