Thursday, November 1, 2012

listening to "tales from the west" in the middle of the night...

the last race of the season is ahead so it's prep time! hasn't done much after the speedweek at bonneville.


memento of the cannonball, the welder found in wyoming.



GuitarSlinger said...

Was that perhaps " Tales From the West " you folks were listening to ? If so molto grazzie

Sorry I've been out of touch ..... but we've been moving ..... further back west ( Colorado .... yayyyyyyyyy )

You'll be glad to hear a new CD will be in the works as soon as we're completely settled in . Music is written . Just need to get into the studio and start recording

menacing ayu said...

GuitarSlinger: WOW! can't wait!

Chaman Moribundo said...

True Nice Hi from: Aguascalientes Mexico!!!