Saturday, December 22, 2012

i will be your genie...

this year, i wanted to give shinya the time to do whatever he wants with no restraint as a gift. as soon as he heard that, he said "can i open it now?" i thought he was gonna say something like..."hey, that's not a gift! i do whatever i want all the time!" so, i said calmly "yes, you can open it now!"


and he opened my gift, walked straight to the suzuki GS1000 motor that he traded with some parts the other day and began investigating the so-called Yoshimura engine. you can tell how happy he was :)


the moment motor oil splashed all over shinya. hehehe


now he learned and was bit hesitant to be close to the motor :D


after taking an oily shower. to be continued...



matt machine said...

merry christmas a + s.

. said...

merry x mas from b&b

menacing ayu said...

matt machine: the same to you and your family!

b&b: thank you and happy holidays to you too!