Sunday, December 23, 2012

carries on from last becomes tomorrow...

 it says YOSHIMURA on this side...


 and POP Y on the other.


 ouch! something went wild...


shims over the buckets!! impossible to be a racing engine.


however, we could trace lots of milling, surface grinding, porting and more. so some parts were maybe used for some kind of race before. investigation continues.



"the cam shafts were obviously high lift! needs more inspection for the duration..." shinya murmured. "i'm having a hell of a time but i'd better call it a day..."


then he started to measure here and there...noooo problem :)



Hairy Larry said...

Interesting...maybe a race motor that was returned the street...minus some of the race goodies...?

M Ross L said...

This is very exciting, I just received a spare GS motor that originally had yoshi pipe and cams taken off then passed on to me, so maybe there are yoshi pistons inside! Can't wait to see more from this engine rebuild.

menacing ayu said...

Hairy Larry: ah! shinya said the same thing!

M Ross L: nice!