Monday, December 17, 2012

it's a little nippy out...

when we start pushing our motorcycles out for a quick canyon ride, here it comes. better stay in and dry.


the photo book of holland by Erik Hijweege sent from B in holland. thank you :) was very timely. it's so nice to have some great photo books around to spend quality time especially when it's cold and raining outside.

オランダからオランダの風景写真の写真集が届いた。友人Bの友達Erik Hijweege氏が撮ったもの。お天気が良くない今日のような日は、読書したり色々な写真集観たりして過ごすと楽しい。
shinya said he always wanted something here to put some small parts while working around this area so he clipped an aluminum tray that we found at the thrift store on a vise.


utilizing it readily :)


looks like shinya wants to make some changes on the oil tank for the sportster.


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