Monday, December 10, 2012

niimie's little honda touches off a chain reaction...

did something pass by?

yup. a honda CB450. and looks like it's for shinya :) he found this bargain honda last week but said he was not going to add anymore non-running motorcycles to his collection but when he saw niimie's honda yesterday...guess he changed his mind. it's still a non-running bike, though.


maybe he should keep this as the way it is :D


no, he wouldn't.


the honda trio!



Travis Perich said...

That dry cleaner rotisserie isn't sounding like that crazy of an idea anymore!
Nice collection!

jam'zgarage said...


Hairy Larry said... that about a '69 CB with a later tank from about '71...? Just a guess.

menacing ayu said...

Travis Perich: yes, we are now serious about that :)

N美氏: とりあえず上から吊るしていこうと思います。

Hairy Larry: the tank looks like from 70s but only 69 K2 has the screw-in gas cap so it's pretty much '69 original,shinya says.

Hairy Larry said...

Yes he is right...those were the transition years. I have a Black Bomber that was sold as a 1969 model. All the different 'K' variations. His seems to have not suffered much fade as most red bikes do...must have been garaged or covered. They say the Candy blue fares the best as to fading, the other colors tend to wash out in the sun. No wonder his blue scrambler looks so nice. Starting to look like a mini Honda museum at Chabbot Engineering!