Tuesday, December 11, 2012

the straw millionaire...

CR, our friend who's very close to Wes Cooley brought this maaaybe Pop Yoshimura-built suzuki GS1000 engine and tempted shinya into making his GS1000 to a race bike. CR wanted one of shinya's 70s bikes so they made a trade. it was as easy as pie. you just bring up Yoshimura in a conversation, shinya will take a bite :D


from its appearance, it sure looks like a racing engine. but shinya  also sees some doubtful points which make it heard to believe if it was built by Yoshimura. he'll going to investigate in every hole and corner over time. start with checking the ports :) shinya got so excited. if it was done by Pop Yoshimura, he wants to touch, feel, smell it and i'm sure he'll sleep with it! it means a lot to him but even if he finds out that it isn't built by Pop, it still is a great GS1000 engine :)


hondas, suzukis, yamahas, 1915 indian, modern and old hearley-davidsons, bmw, ducatis, mv agusta, triumphs, excelsior...we don't need to be categorized or be cool or bad to ride motorcycle. just be yourself and enjoy motorcycling! that's what i learned from shinya and niimie ;P

ホンダで盛り上がりつつも、スズキを愛し、ヤマハも素晴らしいしカワサキを忘れちゃいけません。1915年のインディアンだって最高だし、新しめのハーレーも古いハーレーも、トライアンフもドカも、アグスタもベーエンヴェーも!エクセルシアだって。世の中にカッコイイオートバイ、乗って楽しいオートバイはまだまだある!無理して格好つけたり悪ぶったりする必要もなく、良い人ぶらなくてもよい。木村氏やN美氏を見ていると、カテゴライズされることなく、好きなもの=オートバイ でいいんじゃないかなって思う。ありのままでいいと思う。


Richard Bacchus said...

"Straw Millionaire", what is that is that a reference to? I like the way it sounds but I don't get the context.

menacing ayu said...

Richard Bacchus: it's a tiltleof a jjapanese folk tale. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_Millionaire

movementpractice said...
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