Saturday, December 8, 2012

the power of the moon...

after we came back from san dimas, we were going to check out the mooneyes x'mas party at irwindale speedway but then a couple dropped by said they gave up because there was a mile long line to get in. it discouraged us from going down there...usually we take our motorcycles to avoid waiting in the line but...


in the meantime, our favorite LH of oni motorworks and his girl swang by on the way back from the mooneyes party. LH brought a pair of these old school safety glasses for shinya :) thank you, L! his super cool CB77 that he built won best original award at the born free 2.


soon after they left, our favorite TP from san diego stopped by on the way back from the mooneyes party with his '29 roadster pickup! this was our first time seeing it running. bitchin


amazing to see him riding it. it's 29, he can ride in the cannonball! he's going back to san diego now. what an adventure!


after TP left, TK on the buick wildcat blew in on the way back from the mooneyes party.


finally Zap stopped by with his lovely orange bug on the way back from the mooneyes party :)


no, not done yet! N also stopped by on the way back from the mooneyes party with his chevy coupe.


like a little car show here :) so, everybody went to the mooneyes party except us...



Busch Brothers said...

ha ha! don't feel bad we missed it too :-) We sent you guys a Christmas present though should be there next couple days

menacing ayu said...

Busch Brothers: love you guys ♡♡

Travis Perich said...

Hi A & S!
Was great to see you guys!
Thanks for the lucky charms too!
Truck ran perfectly,
almost didn't want to stop.

menacing ayu said...

hi TP! great to see you and your truck! amazed to know that it has a great gas mileage :)