Wednesday, December 5, 2012

you must not interfere, come what may...

it was a perfect day for a ride. but my SR's kick starter had no pressure. bummer


shinya did the quick valve clearance adjustment but then he pushed my SR in to the center of the workshop without a word. looked like it was more serious. oh-oh


oh, no!


 aya! the engine on the work table.

i was making faces to dramatize how sorry i was taking shinya's precious time for my SR but inside, i was super happy because this was the first time to open the engine since i got it :D

a dirty valve


 yamaha original!


XT500 and SR500 skeleton. both are mine! i heart yamaha.


 no good

all good now. shinya said this is a good opportunity to clean up and upgrade some old parts. he checked every inch of my SR. thank you, shinya!!



Hairy Larry said...

As the British would say, 'Time for a de-coke'. Looking good. It always amazes me how he just dives in. Your second Yamaha is looking interesting.

menacing ayu said...

Hairy Larry: he just enjoys repairing it. he said he had a SR500 when he was 20 or so.