Tuesday, January 29, 2013

25-year-old time capsule has arrived...

shinya's friend O-san in japan sent him this "time capsule". they've known each other for 25 years.


O-san saw the blog post of shinya working on his Yoshimura engine on the new year's day, he called and said "hey, you're doing the same thing just like 25 years ago!" 


shinya gave all these parts and his GS1000 to O-san when he started his own shop because he didn't have enough space to keep them back then. surprisingly, O-san still had them and wanted to send some of them to shinya so that he can use them on his GS1000 project! O-san added lots of extra, too.


shinya bought these for his GS1000 25 years ago in japan. most of them, he ordered from the US. so they came back to the US after 25 years :D


 a letter from O-san?

it wasn't a letter, it was more like a note of handwritten item descriptions by O-san :D shinya said "it's sooo him! he hasn't changed!" and it made shinya even more happy!


from shinya's photo album...
about 25 years ago, shinya, O-san and K-chan and other coworkers were having morning ride before work. from right, shinya's suzuki GS750, O-san's kawasaki GPZ750 and K-chan's yamaha RZ350.


from shinya's photo album. and this was his GS1000.


so, shinya's going to do the same thing again after 25 years. thank you, O-san!



Mac Guy said...

What a cool back in the day photo of Shinya and one of his bikes. Thanks for sharing!!

matt machine said...

thats pretty cool i have to say.

ElSolitarioMC said...

So good to see that big grin!!!
Cheers Ayu!!!

menacing ayu said...

Mac Guy: aren't they cool?

matt machine: to see some parts you ordered 25 years ago again and use them now is way cool!

ElSolitarioMC: hey hey! we're looking forward to meeting you guys soon!