Monday, January 21, 2013

what's your obsession?

the welding table also became a workbench! how clever!!


wow! it's warm outside. our workshop is like a cave so usually the air is cooler in there except in the triple digit temp in the summer. shinya changed into t-shirts and came to Buchanan's to order special rims and spokes for the beemer.


shinya is (re)reading a book called "ford vs. ferrari - their battle for speed and glory at le mans in 60s" now. he loves to read about mr. Enzo Anselmo Ferrari whose mind was obsessed with racing.


in parallel with that book, he enjoys reading this sportscar profile series "ferrari", it's even more fun to read these two together, he says.



Lamerno said...

So, summer is back, even in your cave, I'm glad for you guys. Here in Montreal it's -25C or -13F.

Pirate Tom said...

My shop is the same way. Always cold right up until it's HOT. We had three days of insanely thick mist last week. I had to check in twice a day, before and after work to spray everything down with a light coat of oil. The was condensation running down the walls! It really did feel like a cave. Now it's dry, but it's 18 degrees!

menacing ayu said...

Lamerno: thank you and stay warm!

Pirate Tom: you too, stay warm in the cave!