Sunday, January 20, 2013

shinya's rearranging habit returns...

after we came back from the flea market, shinya started to fix the welding area over, the untouched area since 2006. maybe he came up with the new idea by drawing the floor plan or still wanted to get that big workbench, i don't know.


he wanted to switch around this welding table and the lathe. the lathe was super heavy so i played active role in it so there are no pictures.


 shinya finally got tired...


you may find it difficult to see the difference but it came out really radical yet user-friendly layout. no space for another workbench, though :)



Kai Vallon said...

Good for you! I get the cleaning bug about once a year and tidy and rearrange my shop, it's very satisfying.

Busch Brothers said...

it is so great to read your stories- it sounds just like our working process, I will be 5 minutes into making something, and want to stop and rearrange the work area to make it easier! We are easily distracted hahaha!

menacing ayu said...

Kai Vallon: yes, it definitely brings a sense of fulfillment afterwards!

Busch Brothers: make it easier or more comfortable is very important, right?