Thursday, February 7, 2013

for the love of boots...

our friends from Dehen japan and Wesco japan were here for the Rin Tanaka's "inspiration" at the queen mary. they provided us racing boots and team sweater for the cannonball and land speed race. so they are going to display the 1915 indian and some of our motorcycles at their booth.


some of them came to help us taking down the needle from the mezzanine. they looked at our hoist and were like "are you sure this really works?" sure! we usually do this by ourselves and have never had any trouble so far.


 it's down now. they look relieved...


they act really quickly and take no time to load everything.


 the needle and naked guys at the queen mary.

ニードルと裸のメンズ in ロングビーチ。

 naked guys and shinya


this year, it's not on the boat but at the huge dorm right next to the boat.


they are gonna set up their booth here.


 we've got more people here and i don't have to do anything :D


shinya becoming handsome...


shinya's old wesco engineer. the leather has lots of oil in it but somehow it look dry. it has been bothering the boots master KK from wesco japan since he saw it yesterday and he asked shinya to take them off.


look@@! KK brought out the luster of the old engineer boots! it's his love and passion.


it look alive and shinya was very impressed. thank you, KK!

we look forward to seeing the completed booth tomorrow!



Icarus said...

The Needle is still one of my favorites. Such a unique and beautiful motorcycle.

Anonymous said...

We missed you guys at Conrad's show on Saturday night, but you were probably very busy taking down the booth and bikes and naked guy. See you soon.

Travis Perich said...

I think you've taken the new title picture!

menacing ayu said...

lcarus: :)

occhiolungo: so sorry that we missed you! again! we called you when we saw your card on the door but probably you were driving... hope to see you all soon!

menacing ayu said...

TP: hehehe