Friday, February 8, 2013

preview night...

dehen/wesco booth became like this. pretty cool setting.

dehen/wesco のブースはこんな風にいい感じの雰囲気になっていました。

naki surf booth. Naki and A-chan.


Naki was displaying niimie's CB77, CT90 and photograph of blue-one that Naki took last year.


 el solitario!!

 united fifty by Brian Bent!!

everything was made by Braian's hands. we love his creations.

ブライアン・ベント氏のunited fiftyのブース。このドライレークの画もとても素敵でした。

Y-san of silversmith LYNCH was here from kobe. he took an old lock apart, learned the mechanism inside the lock and made the similar mechanism into his hand crafted silver lock. it's an amazing functional silver jewelry.


we all celebrated Y-san's birthday afterward.


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