Sunday, February 17, 2013

tool of the day...

shinya got a "piston ring gap tool". here, the rotary filer will grind a piston ring for you. i mean, he needs to twirl a tiny handle himself.


before anything else, he tried on his CB450 piston rings :D

真っ先にご自分のCB450のピストンリングを削りだす木村氏。 ははぁ~ん、これがやりたかったんだな。


Hairy Larry said...

Think the JC Whitney catologues used to sell a smaller version of one of those. How did this one work? It looks good in the pics. When I think of all the rings I hand filed as a mechanic, could have used one of those.

Busch Brothers said...

amazing how something so simple could work so well! Those are nice