Saturday, March 2, 2013

hyper donut man...

duster night cruising


lots of japanese cars were gathering at the sonic burger parking lot. most of them were new cars but we found this 1969 subaru van.


drive-in sonic burger...but we walked in.


wanted to cruise a little bit more so we headed to the donut man and saw a record breaking long line. we just made a u-turn and went back.


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emil said...

The Subaru 360 was the first automobile mass-produced by Fuji Heavy Industries' Subaru division. A number of innovative features were used to design a very small and inexpensive car to address government plans to produce a small "people's car" with an engine no larger than 360 cc when most in Japan could not afford a car. The body size and the engine capacity were designed to match within Japan's kei car regulation. Nicknamed the "ladybug" in Japan, it was one of Japan's most popular cars, and among the smallest cars in the world to attract a significant following. It was a significant step up from microcars such as the Iso Rivolta Isetta as the first kei car that had four wheels and room for 4 passengers. 392,000 units were produced in Japan from March 3, 1958 to 1971. Production ended for the 360 and was replaced by the Subaru R-2.

The car's name was derived from the size of the 356 cc engine. In 1961 the 360 saw a competitor called the Mitsubishi 360, the Daihatsu Fellow in 1966, and the Suzuki Fronte in 1967.

Matthias, big 'thumper fan' > 'Dampfhammer-Fan' in Germany ;-)