Wednesday, April 10, 2013

break or stuck...


i knew that he was struggling so i hesitated to post these in progress pictures but he said "it's okay, this idea may even become a dead issue anyway!" it probably his bare-faced truth but i kinda know he never gives up :) the clock shows 12:45am.



bOu said...

it is already starting to live, i can see an animal from the sea in it.... ;-)

Busch Brothers said...

awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome!

emil said...

Hi Ayu, hi Shinya,

today I bought my first toolset from Hazet at german Techno Classica - so now I am ready to work like Shinya and challange him.

Greetings from Dortmund in Germany


menacing ayu said...

bOu: :)

Busch Brothers: thank you thank you thank you!

Matthias: Hazet tools are soooooo cool! right on!!