Tuesday, April 9, 2013

see in the mind's eye...

shinya said he's got this new idea since he first saw this donor bmw (i don't know what's the "new idea" because, unfortunately, i cannot see it...) but he also told me that he didn't know how to make it happen. now he's struggling.


to me, he seems like always challenging not only inner self but also he's challenging his past work and acquired skills. you may not see it if you just catch a glimpse at some pictures of his "completed" work online or in magazines but it's okay, that's why i started this blog :) well, seeing it in person will be the best way to feel it but at least i can share the process of how he works here. when i see him working on a project and watch the whole process, it gives me warning and encouragement at the same time like "don't be lazy menacing ayu! destroy what you have and create anew!" - he spent hours in the morning and still couldn't figure exactly how to cast his ideas into shape. well, these day happen.


need some watershed :) went out to refill the argon gas bottles.


 you're heading to next door...


then, he finally started to repair my office chair :)


 yup, days like this happen :)



Lamerno said...

Yes, thank you for this blog. Imagine that for Picasso or Leonardo (Da Vinci not Dicaprio). It's a scholar wet dream, now ubiquitous but precious.

Mac Guy said...

Awesome words indeed! This blog is the best!!! I am very happy to have found it.

Thanks for your continued updates

menacing ayu said...

Lamerno: wow! thank you.

Mac Guy: thank you! thank you for reading :)

Pirate Tom said...

The challenge is the best part!